Monday, 9 July 2018

TDF day two, the fibre keeps sticking to me !

When I prep fibre I usually comb it into little nests and squeeze them into bags which generally hold just under 100gram. Some bags are oddments and ends of fleece so they will end up being plyed from centre pull balls, other times I will have a couple of bags so these I will spin and ply as usual.

I've finished the first bag of the tour :-)

This is the Jacob that I started yesterday and it will now hang around until I get round to spinning the next bag or run out of bobbins.

Since we are currently having a 'heatwave 'over here I took advantage and wash 200gm of ryeland purchased yesterday simply because I quite liked the colour of it.

Now, I'm the girl who always find that her latest fleece process is her favorite purchase so instead of spinning tonight I will be prepping little nests ready for spinning.

Hopefully I will be spinning these at some point tomorrow.

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