Saturday, 29 March 2008


If , like myself, you have fabric stashed that might never be used then this could be of interest. morsbags sociable guerilla bagging

You know you are in a Biker house when........

There's an exhaust system taking up space in the front room

A motorcycle engine taking up space in the back room

and two motorcycle wheels hiding in the kitchen cupboard

However, it wasn't until I uploaded these photos that I realised that the first two also include quilts. I also resisted the temptation to show the bike seats under the bed, the shock absorbers in the bedroom..............................

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Wednesday, strange day.

In the morning I tend to eat my breakfast whilst reading e-mails and blogs in one room whilst Ian does the same in another room downstairs. This way we are not forever bumping into each other as we get ready for work. So when I heard doors opening and closing yesterday, I wasn't too surprised until I went down stairs and was hit by an intense smell of burnt toast and smoke. At first I thought the obvious, the toaster had jammed or something similar but no, Ian had put the wheat?filled sausage shaped pillow in the microwave as usual as he had a stiff neck and instead of heating up, it had burst into flames.
Breakfast was eaten with all the windows open, wearing heavy jumpers over our work clothes. brrrr............

You could still smell it when I got back yesterday evening but I did have a package waiting for me.

This felted bag came from Ruth who blogs as Permutations in fibre and was a giveaway on her blog a few weeks ago, aren't I the lucky one. Thanks Ruth, It really cheered me up especially since we still had the windows and door open to try and get rid of the smell.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Thanks Margaret

I had the following message from Margaret of Little works of Art

Hi Sue, I have just been nominated for an award by Barbara of Embroidery Overlaps as a blog that’ brings her inspiration and makes her appreciate the blogosphere’, and of course I have to do the same to 10 blogs that do it for me! You therefore meet the criteria that I would expect of such a blog. So consider yourself well and truly nominated!

A big thank you Margaret, its always good to find out who is reading ( if anyone) and I will certainly pass the award on in due course. One thing I have noticed is that we share the same taste in textile blogs!

Anyway, on the subject of Textiles, here is the Atc going in the post for Anna. The challenge was to use the washers sent to us by Anna. Layer of black velvet, heated painted Tyvec envelope, black net, hand stitch, machine stitch and breaded. The washers were wrapped with machine embroidery threads.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Red Marley Hill Climb 2008

OK this post is mainly for the bikers amongst you. Red Marley Hill Climb takes place on Easter Monday and last year we had a wonderful day out, sitting in the sun, watching the bikes go up and sometimes down the hill.
Today we ventured out wearing thermals, big boots, big coats with fleece lining, hats and gloves!! The Met office forecast was mainly dry, bright max 6C we got snow, hail and wind taking the temperatures down. Fortunately the snow was light and didn't settle or interfere with the racing at all.
This is the hill.
nearer the top
not everyone made it up
most of the bikes tried to defy gravity especially at this point
check out the colour of the clouds

I must admit that I am still not happy with my camera since I dropped it a few weeks ago so I will investigate the price of a new one, but today, the light was really against me at times which made things difficult. Compare and contrast with this

Nearly forgot, the reason the film in the previous post looks a bit weird is that I couldn't find the off button with my gloves on!!

Red Marley Hill Climb 2008

I am busy sifting through 200 or so photos of the racing from today so I thought I would let you see this first.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Red Marley Hill Climb 2008

I know a few people have been looking at my blog after searching for Red Marley Hill Climb Details so here are a link to their page and a link to last years photos.

Also, as far as I can find out, practice starts at 10:00am, racing proper from 12:00noon and will last until about 5:00pm.

Admission cost is £5 Adults, under 16s are free!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Old sewing tools

The big cupboard sort out continues so I thought I would post quickly about some of the older items.

This sewing case complete with knitting needles and cotton reels was found at a car boot sale, the assorted lace bobbins, rug tools and wooden knitting needle holder were found in a small antique/curio shop in Lincoln last year. The owner admitted that he had no idea what they were and was quite happy for me to take anything sewing related for a very small sum.
My late MIL s sewing box, just as it came to me except for a few buttons which have been used.
A collection of bone and bone handled stilettos, one is carved and opens to reveal a baby ones inside purchased in Scotland a few years ago. lace bobbins that are over 100 year old, bone tatting shuttle and assorted packets of needles.
Knitting stitch/row counter, advertising item maybe, cost me all of 20p at a car boot sale
Mother of pearl thread holder, sewing case, needle case assorted scissors and needle packets.
Fortunately, most of these items are small and inexpensive and give me great pleasure, some even get used from time to time.
By the way, I think winter has finally arrived as it is snowing outside,!!

Friday, 21 March 2008

Bank Holiday Playday

Today, Good Friday, sees the start of the Round Britain Rally and Ian together with Biker Ted were up and out early. The plan was to bag a few landmarks and attend a meeting of fellow rallyists to mark the first day of the challenge.
This left me to my own devices so I decided to have a sort through one of my cupboards to see what was hiding at the back.
First find was some pastel dyesticks and skeleton leaves, so I made some rubbings onto a piece of dyed cotton, added some batting, machine stitching ,metallic paint and voila a quiltie or postcard or ATCS, not sure which.
I really need to practise more with my machine stitching, suspect I try to stitch too fast sometimes.

I then found some old dyes that a fellow student had given me maybe 5 years ago. Rather than throw them out, I used them for some plastic bag dying for use as backgrounds and discovered that the brown dye did not work at all.
Most of the results were quite pale but I am sure that they will get used sooner or later
The silk fabric picked up the colours as lovely pastels

The only problem is that my room is even more of a mess now.!!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Hairless fairy

Several people have commented about the lack of face and hair on the fairy, firstly I am worried about spoiling things with a face and as yet have not found a suitable fibre for hair so for the time being she will be a very anonymous bald lady!!

Take it further challenge (March)

So here she is, the final version and a big thank you to everyone who commented about the skirt.

This has been a very interesting challenge especially for someone like myself who doesn't often work in 3d

For anyone who is interested, body is painted cotton, wings are free machine embroidery with angelina and beads and the legs are fabric wrapped pipe cleaners. All items are from my stash ( no, I didn't buy the beads at the NEC:))

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Unlimited Textile Egypt Quiltie

The subject for this months quiltie swap was Egypt so here is a winged scarab beetle, hand dyed cotton, organza, metallic and pearl paint, oil stick and metallic ribbon. Machine stitched 5inch square. As usual, click for details

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Take it further challenge (March)

I'm thinking that maybe this looks better without the lace skirt, sort of relates more to the original sketch. Any comments? The suggestion of using beads has been put forward by laplandyellow on the flicker site-many thanks

Postal treats

Ooopps, Nearly forgot, received this lovely quiltie from Pat yesterday as part of the March Eqypt swap with Unlimited Textiles Group.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Take it further challenge (March)

Not sure about the skirt........

Sewing and Hobbycrafts NEC Birmingham - Part Two

As well as the shopping mentioned in the earlier post, I had plenty of time to stop and talk to all sorts of interesting people. From chatting in the queue for coffee with the guys at Kismet Creations to admiring Jane Davies dolls.

I've always had a soft spot for any form of ethnic/folk embroidery so these really caught my eye.
When bloggers get together, they shop!! I was delighted to meet up with Maggie (identified by that marvelous black and white bag) who blogs as Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese As you can see, Maggie is holding some packets of the wonderful mother of pearl buttons that were for sale at a bargain price. ( I so much hate having my photo taken!!!)

This little lady came from Rarelizzie who was demonstrating friendly plastic in the hobbycraft hall, I have know Liz for several years although our paths have not crossed recently so it was great to catch up on the gossip and see her new techniques especially the one she calls ooze which I am sue will turn up on her blog or website very soon if its not already there.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Take it further challenge (March)


Sewing for Pleasure - Part One-Retail therapy

Yes, I know, I promised to try and use my stash this year, not increase it but it was a day out and it's not all for me, honest.............................

Ok, card making supplies and magazines for my mum, the beads and mother of pearl buttons were real bargains at 3 bags for £1. The heat gun was essential as I have burnt out the last one, everything else is useful play stuff. No prizes for guessing what I'm doing this weekend.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Take it further challenge (March)

Unfortunately I missed stitched up tonight due to working late and also having to get up earlier tomorrow to get the train to Birmingham, still I'm sure the girls won't be too upset and I'll be there next week, needles sharpened.

Anyway here is the latest progress on TIF March, just starting to make the wings on soluble paper. This project seems to evolve with every step so I'm not really sure where it will end up.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Bedtime reading

This is my current bedtime reading material, printed in 1948, copyright 1915 wonderful snapshot of quilting in America around the turn of the last century ( and colour illustrations) Absolute bargain at £1.99 from local charity shop.

Sutton on Sea Beach Huts

After the racing on Sunday, we went done to Sutton on Sea and had a walk along the prom looking at the beach huts. I can remember my parents hiring a hut at Colwyn Bay in Wales when we were young and I got into heaps of trouble for leaving a bucket of snails and crabs in there. The next morning we found the the snails had escaped and were everywhere.

Sewing and Hobbycrafts NEC Birmingham

Just a quickie, is anyone else going on Thursday?

Mablethorpe Sand Racing

It was the last sand racing fixture at Mablethorpe yesterday so we made the trek over to meet up with friend and also try out my big digital camera. I had a slight accident with the camera last week, I dropped it on the floor!! now it feels different when I use it so will maybe thinking about getting a new one especially since I have had this one for at least 3 years so really is getting a bit ancient.

The Race season has now closed until October and the beach will return to the day trippers and donkeys on Sunday mornings.