Saturday, 29 August 2009

Birthday Hawaii Camp

Yes, Ian reached the big 50 and spent the weekend with friends at a pub near Uttoxeter. Much beer was drunk, stories exchanged and reunions took place with friends not seen for a number of years. Looking across the bar on Friday night it became evident that the only long hair these days is on the girls although beards are still popular :-)However there was still a healthy number of motorcycles in the car park.

We camped in a field next to the pub with a couple of unexpected guests who obviously felt that they had been left out. Firstly a small dog who grunted like a pig joined us for some fuss.

ians birthday 025

Then a horse from the adjoining field decided that he preferred our company to that of the other horse.

ians birthday 042

On Saturday I visited the local Churnett Valley Railway with a couple of friends ( Ian preferring to stay around the camp site to welcome visitors) and spent the day riding up and down the small line and sitting in the tearooms to sample tea and cake. Thanks Eric and Rab for your company :-)

My creation

Some (Biker ted) found the celebrations on Saturday night just a bit too much!

ians birthday 037

Sadly, we had to return home on Sunday but have made firm arrangements to meet up again for at least two more birthday celebrations next year.

ians birthday 051

Denny and Frank packed for the journey home.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

it comes from where!!!

A chance conversation at work has made me realise just how little the next generation know about textiles. After explaining that I was knitting some handspun yarn (practising knitting squares) and that the little fluffy bits were sheeps curls, we went on to talk about silk and where it came from.
Yesterday I even took some silk and silk cocoons into work to help explain. It seems to me that a gap is developing in basic knowledge and it is supported by the number of people who seem to think I am weaving when they spot me relaxing with my drop spindle. This is making me even more determined to be seen making lace, stitching or spinning in public, am I alone in feeling like this? surely not!

Now....stitching photo of a keyring.


Off to get things ready for stitched up tonight.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

a grand day out part two

After succumbing to temptation at the spinning fair, I made my way down to the Lincolnshire Museum of Rural life. Free admission makes this little gem worth visiting.

lincoln, july 2009 010
As photos are allowed for personal use only, here is a link to their website.

In answer to Sally's' question, yes I did stop for tea, more than once and here is the evidence.
lincoln, july 2009 080

A pot of tea and toasted teacake £1, bargain at the museum!

Next call stop was a Ellis' mill which unfortunately closed but still looked wonderful,

lincoln, july 2009 081

then back down towards the town
lincoln, july 2009 009

where I spotted this Indian street artist

lincoln, july 2009 083

lincoln, july 2009 085
you can see more by the artist Janak Chauhan here and here

I hope you have all enjoyed this short trip as much as I did.

A Grand day out part one

woke up yesterday, sun shinning, hopped on a bus, stepped on a tram and caught a train to Lincoln

So I got off the train and walked up to the canal,
lincoln, july 2009 003

then walked up the hill
lincoln, july 2009 004

and up the hill
lincoln, july 2009 005

and up the hill
lincoln, july 2009 006

and up the hill
lincoln, july 2009 007

and pass the Cathedral

lincoln, july 2009 008

My Destination was the university where the Spinners and Dyers had been holding a Summer school and they were having a small trade fair. I treated myself to all sorts of fluffy goodness for spinning and feltmaking.

lincoln, july 2009 091

I also had the chance to play on a kromski sonata spinning wheel, spins like a dream although a bit more expensive than I was planning on......thinking about it :-)

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Nottingham Riverside Festival

We had planned to go down to the festival yesterday but the weather put paid to that! so we wandered down today and found this...

My creation

and amongst the attractions and music I found this

My creation

of course I had to join in, just happened to have a drop spindle in my bag :-)

Saturday, 1 August 2009

postal treats

I am a member of Unlimited Textiles, an internet swap group although I don't always have time to play.
This month the subject for the 5 inch quiltie was seasons and I received this lovely autumn quiltie from June ( I don't seem to have blog details for June, If you have one can you add a link in the comments? thanks)