Monday, 23 November 2020

To post or not to post ?


I nearly missed posting this week, simply because I don't really have anything to show.

Lockdown continues, the desire to sort out my workroom is there but whether I will act on it? I'm not sure but I'm increasingly aware of the fact that I no longer know what is in the cupboards.

The current blackwork project got me thinking about a pattern file that I put together in the 90's, Had I still got it? A rummage through the cupboards produced the file along with a lot of mess !

The mess created in finding the file was a bit ridiculous to say the least.

See what I mean !

The small blackwork project is coming to an end, should be finished this week.

and the knitting is coming along nicely

At the moment, I'm looking out for stitch a long type projects for next year and I'm thinking about having a spend free year of crafting to use up some of my stock but I think that will be difficult if the fibre festivals start up again :-)

This is the scale of my stash of embroidery threads in reds etc so you see why I may have to start to use things up.

That's about it for now, not the most interesting post but I did challenge myself to put up something each week.

Speak soon xx

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

do I need a hat to go with the mitts ?


Its been a quiet week, lockdown has settled on the house and we only leave for either work , exercise or shopping. I have a walking circuit round the local area, as we live in the bottom of a valley it's pretty much uphill in any direction. I'll try and grab a photo for next time to show what I mean.

The leaves have now come off most of the trees although a few are still holding out, the early morning sun shows off the colour beautifully.

The pile of fabric got me itching to stitch and I've started a small blackwork design, I have an idea for my needlework, more will be revealed later.

During my hunt for embroidery thread etc I found a cross stitch picture that I started and abandoned maybe 30 years ago. I'm not really sure why I stopped, I think that I may have made a mistake counting somewhere but I've found the chart and threads so hopefully I'll be able to have a good look at it this week.

And I did cast on the hat, this is for myself as its the same yarn as the mitts and I generally only sell my work when its spun/knit from British breeds.

Thats about it for now, speak soon xx

Sunday, 8 November 2020

I needed some mitts


The reality of being at home this time of year is that wearing layers keeps the body warm but my hands always chill down quite quickly so I found a skein of handspun Bond ( Australian breed evolved from merino/Lincoln)

I've made them short on the thumb and with the fingers free so I can still work with them on.

we've had a few good days, sunny but chilly which has given us some wonderful sunrises

although not today !!

Returning to cross stitch has made me want to sort out my even weave fabric and threads, that was until I found this lot in addition to those I knew about.

Yep, that is 8 yards, 56 inch wide of even weave !! I vaguely remember buying it at some ridiculously cheap price many years ago. I had forgotten about the complete set of threads ( dmc I think) all on printed cards with their numbers .

As I also have a drawer full of bits and pieces of threads, my next job will be to try and organize them somehow . I may have to have a look on ebay for some card bobbins to wind them on to.

thats about it for now, more next week x