Monday, 30 March 2020

I didn't mean this much change !!


At the beginning of the year I had a post labelled ' A year of change" followed by one called 'Its just a Virus"

At the time I had no idea how prophetic these would be as they related to my plans for 2020 and a nasty virus that I caught at the beginning of the year.

Anyway, world circumstances have sort of mixed things up in the meantime. The 'year of change' referred to my intended early retirement due in May. I now find myself at home due to health issues for the next 12 weeks at least and in that time I will finish my employment without chance to say goodbye to my colleagues, weird.

My intention was to blog my retirement so I have a record of what I actually do, see hear etc and I will bring the start of these blogs forward to the end of this week and make them weekly probably on a sunday.

In the meantime, our last trip out in the van was to Belper so I have added a few photos taken as we walked around and visited the mill. The van is now in storage for the foreseeable future :-(