Sunday, 29 November 2009

Quick question


a quick question prompted by Laura's comment on the previous post.

How many of you spin or operate your sewing machines barefooted ?

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Another week over

I seem to have less and less time to do the things I enjoy, not really sure why. Maybe I am just too disorganised at the moment :-) still I think that I will have to stash bust next year or I will not be able to get through the door. With that in mind I set out this morning intent on getting to the Spinners, Dyers, Weavers Guild,then promptly forgot my good intentions and bought a pack of Indian block printed cotton patchwork squares at our local oxfam shop... no hope for me really especially since I have not unpacked my purchases from Harrogate yet!

On Wednesday nights, as many of you know, I go to Stitched Up to catch up on the gossip and stitch/knit/spin/craft as the mood takes me. Off and on over the last few weeks Laila has been learning bobbin lace using thick colourful threads and we now have a fish and some seaweed which will soon be joined by a fluffy eel.

Laila's Lace

SDW meeting today was busy with at least 4 new spinners having their first go on a wheel. Sally showed off her felted scarf made with dyed roving and the help of a tumble dryer, Sally also bought along her cool blue wheel which I found difficult to use mainly due to the fact that I was wearing hiking boots!!

Sally's Scarf

paint it blue

Peter had been busy dying fibres with kool aid and food colourings, had his first go on a wheel and wowed the ladies with his prowess on a drop spindle.

Pete's dyed fires

I finally finished the scarf, really pleased with this and now want to try knitting my own hand spun.

completed scarf

Have a great weekend everyone, whatever you may be doing.

Friday, 20 November 2009

My week so far....

Hi, I went back to work on Monday and many thanks for all of your get well wishes, they seem to be working as I am getting back to normal. Although I do seem to have a creative block and a desire to do repetitive things but this will pass in due course.

I only worked until Wednesday this week as I had a few days owing so Wednesday evening I had a quick look round the German Market and The Ice Rink ( scene of my downfall or rather falling down last year) One or two strange characters were spotted wandering around....

fibre project 001

fibre project 004

fibre project 007

Then on to Stitched Up meeting and the chance to make lace, drink tea and gossip with friends. New friends are always welcome so if you live near Sherwood, Nottingham, drop us a line:-)

fibre project 019

On Thursday I took the chance to amble down to Nottingham Contemporary to see the David Hockney and Frances Stark Exhibitions. I still do not like David Hockney but Frances Stark made me smile and I suspect that the girls and myself may get to spend an hour or two in the bar there from time to time.

fibre project 015
Claire busy setting out Pinky and Boo stall

Today I have been keeping Claire company at the West Bridgford Craft fair selling her wonderful brooches, bags, aprons whilst spinning up a storm on my drop spindle.

fibre project 016

Tomorrow we go down to the Long Eaton Chestnut fair, then on Sunday Claire, Vicky, Hannah and myself will board a coach for the knitting and stitching show at Harrogate. Two coaches are due to go from the Textile Workshop and I suspect ours will be the loud one. Hopefully I will have room to do some knitting in the way there as I really need the practise:-) so far I think I have conquered the knit part, next I will think about purl!

fibre project 017

Have a great weekend, whatever you may be doing.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


I asked Biker Ted for two numbers and he came up with 22 and 35 so checking my list ( and realising that Ted had sneaked his own name in) we have two winners.

Carolyn of Love Stitching Red

Clare of Thread of Loveliness

Well done both of you, I will be contacting you for your addresses and goody bags will be dispatched on Saturday.

Also a big thank you to everyone who has commented on my blog over the last few weeks, I really do appreciate your encouragement.

Edited to answer the Question, what is a Skye Winder, also known as a Whirligig and believed by some to have been the first toy made. Older readers may remember using a large button rather than a wooden disc


  1. This toy can be made in minutes and can entertain children for hours. You'll need a large button or wooden disk with two holes drilled in the center. You'll also need some thin string. Thread the string in through one of the holes and back out through the other. Tie the ends of the string together to create a loop with the button in the middle. Loop your index fingers through the ends of the string and swing the button in circles to wind the string up. When the string and button are wound up, pull your fingers gently apart. The string will unwind quickly and cause the button to whirl and buzz. By gently moving your hands back and forth, the whirligig will spin as long or hard as you wish.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

playing catch up with TAST

Hi all, I'm still off work with the nasty cough and cold thing. So I've been tucked up with a hot drink, paracetamol, needle and thread.

Here are four more of the Take a stitch Tuesday ATCs, knotted buttonhole stitch. shisha stitch, satin stitch Yuk,Yuk, and buttonhole wheels.

I will announce the Monster winners tomorrow as soon as Biker Ted gives me two numbers between 1 and 39 so keep your fingers crossed :-)

My creation

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

what if bobbin lace experiment

Hi, I'm confined to the house at the moment with a chest infection. If I move, I cough, if I talk . I cough so I'm waiting , not too patiently for the antibiotics to take effect. However I'm not good at sitting still and not doing something with my fingers.

So I doodled this
bobbin lace experimen
dug out this
bobbin lace experiment
added these
bobbin lace experiment

worked this
bobbin lace experiment

bit more progress
bobbin lace experiment

more progress
bobbin lace experiment

new pincushion!!
fibre project 42bobbin lace experiment

maybe a little unusual but it kept me busy.
bobbin lace experiment

Ooh, the monster giveaway is still open for comment :-) and have a good week.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Monster Giveaway!!!

Yes,I'm giving away two monsters:-)

both monsters ( as yet nameless) come complete with a small handmade gift from the Toy Museum on the Isle of Skye.

Monster no 1 comes with a Skye Winder toy

Monster No 2 comes with a set of fivestones recycled from a whisky barrel.

all comments since the beginning of the holiday photos will be entered along with any further comments posted in the next week.

We have been regular visitors to the museum in the past and were happy to see it open again in spite of a devastating fire a few years ago. If you are ever on Skye, we would recommend that you stop off and have a play with the toys.

I'm off to batten down the hatches, make a hot toddy and try to get rid of the cold that's had me laid low for the last few days. The radio is on BBC7 with reruns of old comedy programmes and the spinning wheel has been oiled and tweaked so hopefully I can sit and have a play with it. I've never tried a double drive wheel before and suspect it may take a while to set it up how I like it.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend :-)

Later.. had a quick count up and 33 wonderful people are already entered to win a monster although that does include Biker Ted who has me a bit concerned at the moment - check out his latest post that seems to include bells and hankies and dancing!!

The Final Island

Isle of Mull

My creation