Saturday, 4 August 2018

keep right on spinning

Post TDF

I still have to wash the yarn, hopefully I'll get chance later today or tomorrow to give the yarn a good soak and hang it out to dry.

oops , lost at yarn chicken this time!

When I 'd finished spinning last weekend I checked my yarn stock only to find that I don't really have much white or very dark grey. So since my wheel was still out I've spun and plied a bobbin of mule ( bfl cross something) and one of dark grey Ryland.

I'm planning on knitting again in the next few weeks so I'm already looking at fairisle patterns for some head bands and a hat or two. Another job will be to track down and sort out my DPNs as well as finding my charts for the hat crowns.

This weekend is also the riverside festival in Nottingham held on the banks of the river Trent and although I usually attend Pagan Pride this weekend I'm really torn this year as there is a band that I would really like to see at the riverside. Both events are free entry and I like the chilled atmosphere of Pagan Pride especially as I usually take my wheel with me. Riverside will be noisy and busy with fairground rides as well as music… tough choice really.

I'm in the process of meal planning for our road trips, more a case of working out what I need to take in the way of seasoning. oils, spices etc plus quick cook rice and pasta sauce pots. The plan is to buy fresh meat and veg as we travel so I really just need the basics that I would use in the kitchen at home. I'm also looking at packing a couple of sachets of Angel Delight and tomato soup...comfort food :-)