Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bobbin lace

Well firstly the good news, I found the charger for my small camera and discovered that the batteries still have some charge in the big camera.

not so good...I have never made any sort of lace with just 6 pairs of bobbins and working from what looks like a hand drawn pricking did not prove ideal for me. 

here are the results, judge for yourself.............scale, about 5mm across

 There again, the book has sat on the shelf for about 20 years and this is the first piece I have made from it. Maybe the next book I pick I will open at random? or maybe pattern 1 again...we shall see !
 anyway, here is a slightly better photo of the bobbins, in my mind these are my no 3 set. My No 1 set are all dark many with silver wire or decoration and they are often used with my no 2 set which are all nice manly plain woods. No 3 set are painted as you can see and the rest are all old bobbins from various places. I also have a number of honiton bobbins which haven't been used for many years.
thanks for looking, I'm off to choose the next book!!

a quick break from the lace

I still have a strap on the loom, just another foot or so to finish :-)

even the pattern on the reverse is quite pleasing. see bottom of the last photo.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Bobbin lace

I haven't made lace on a regular basis for years,  just the odd bits and pieces mainly stuff for occasional demo when needed.
Maybe it's because I have been doing so much weaving that I feel the need to do something different for a while and since I have a shelf of lace books (and a few on the desk and floor)

A drawer full of lace making threads

A varied selection of bobbins

So I picked up a book at random, turned to pattern 1
And started
Flemish  centre braid, six pairs
Sorry for the bad photos, camera battery dead so blogged from my tablet.....need to find my charger asap!!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Overdue post

Hi, although posts are sporadic on here, I can't  bring myself to abandon the blog altogether. So anyone still reading this is stuck with me, sorry X
So, what have I been up to? Well, I had a stall at a ukulele festival in May to try and sell my straps although being directly opposite an established strap seller probably didn't help but I covered my expenses and the cost of the festival tickets so all is not lost especially since I would have been there anyway.

However, prior to the festival we took a few days out to recharge our batteries and headed north to our usual bolt hole north of the border although the weather left much to desire !! but after a couple of days or rain and sleet we began to see gaps in the cloud.............we love this island so much !!!

have a great weekend xx