Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I've not disappeared!!

just not been doing too much over the last two weeks, the house and garden have needed our attention although we did get out to listen to some world music (good and bad) a couple of weekends ago.

My creation

Last weekend fellow raveler Wikkidknitter and myself had a fluff day, sorting, washing and carding fleece, dyeing tops and fleece and a spot of bobbin lace (Hubby went away for the weekend to get away from all this fluffiness, his spinning wheels are on his motorbike) We now have Superwash merino tops to start spinning later today and some merino/silk and Shetland waiting in the wings.

blog 326

We have been continuing with our spin in public events, in a couple of the bars in town and hopefully later today at the castle. Recent drop spinning in the centre of Nottingham resulted in having photos taken by the tourists :-) the first appearance of a spinning wheel ( Petes) at the Contemporary bar was interesting especially as we were both taking turns to use it. The lovely staff never batted an eyelid and made sure we had chairs, table, pots of tea etc.

I will be back in biker mode soon, a trip to yorkshire is coming up and later in the summer we will head over the channel. The ferry tickets were so cheap this year!! shame about the exchange rate. Yes, I get to unpack the bike, usually as Ian tracks down a drink :-)

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Below the surface

Below the surface,Below the surface,Below the surface, this has been going round in my brain for the last couple to weeks. It's the subject chosen for my Art House sketchbook and I'm having a hard time focusing on just one or two aspects of it. Each time I think I've got it nailed, another idea sails into my head!!
Even Biker Ted is getting in on this one, explained what I was doing and he went out for the day, coming back with photos of a cutaway motorcycle engine!!! Yes, all the gears, piston etc are below the surface.
Gggrrr, everything I look at now is making me think what happens if I cut it, peel it, break it up and put it under a microscope ( fortunately I don't own one).
Need to start to play so I think I will be boring for the time being and stick with buried items, from fossils to a particular favourite of mine,bog people. The bodies that are preserved in peat bogs for hundreds of years. Will also look to include something like Skara Brae in Orkney, a Neolithic settlement that was buried by rubbish and sand.

That is until I slice the next vegetable in half and think.....so that's what's 'Below the surface' !!!

Meanwhile, a friend kindly gave me some laceweight yarn to play with so here is the obligatory knitting photo :-)
blog 324

Sunday, 4 July 2010

spinning update

OK, here are my latest spinning efforts.

Polwarth dyed by Babylonglegs.

blog 288

spinning 001

spinning 006

Shetland dyed by Wheeldale Woolcrafts plyed with white merino

spinning 009

Ravelry are currently running Tour De Fleece which is a personal challenge that runs along the Tour De France. For the duration on the Tour De France, you undertake to either knit an object, spin a given amount etc. You set your own goals for this so I'm just going to try and spin everyday.
The first day was Saturday so Wikkidknitter and myself headed to Wollaton park to start the challenge by spinning in public.
We nearly fell off the starting block when we spotted the carrot cake and the start was delayed somewhat but we soon recovered enough to do some spinning and an impromptu demo to adults and children in outdoor cafe area.

blog 319

blog 322

We had a really good day which was rounded off by a little dragonfly looking insect landing on my finger, just not quick enough with the camera and ice creams whist looking round the global market in Nottingham.

blog 318

oh and I seem to have a bucket of fleece soaking outside hehe

Saturday, 3 July 2010

East Bridgford Show

Hi, I have a few posts to do over the next few days regarding sketchbooks and spinning but for the time being I will share a few photos from last weekends show.
Our branch of Weavers , Spinners and Dyers put on a demo and display at this annual show and this year I was able to join them and had a very enjoyable day spinning, watching Zulu dancers, one mad and his dog herding ducks!! meeting very friendly sheep (and buying their fleece) not to mention countless cups of tea from the local WI.

east bridgford show 015

east bridgford show 007

east bridgford show 021

Spinning and chatting is one of my favourite chill activities and I am very conscious that I have been ignoring embroidery for a while and even the lace has gone untouched. But we have a bobbin lace session pencilled in for later this month so watch this space.