Thursday, 31 March 2016

Front and back of the same bag.....I've been trying to get all my handspun together in the same place. This is most of it and its heavy. What shall I do with it??? I've plans for a couple of fair isle hats in natural colours and a shawl but I'll still be left with a lot. The problem is that the labels are missing from most of the skeins so I don't know/can't remember the breeds.

any ideas??


Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A couple of hours away

Although it was the Easter weekend, Ian was working so we grabbed a couple of hours on Sunday to pop down to Papplewick Pumping Station to renew our membership.

This time the boats on the lake had been replaced by submarines, not quite as effective as sailing shops but still interesting.

the divers were out incase anyone got into difficulties

I sometimes wonder what the fish think of it all

I did quite like the canal boal model :-)

We then watched the train and had a wander round the engine house.

It was definately warmer inside than out!!!

I hope you all had a good Easter x

Thursday, 24 March 2016


Yes, I did get round to plying the oddments of singles that I found, ended up with a nice selection of yarns, not huge yardages but usable although the green skein is a fair size.

today I'm re-plying some lace weightish (28wpi) that I found. I must have spun it years ago but when I tried to knit with it I found that the ply was so loose.. I was picking up just one strand sometimes!

I'm going to try and gather all my hand spun together, see what I have and what I want to keep.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

a stroll in the park..part two

where was I?

back in the park....

as youngsters we would head down to the playground which has changed completely,

or head to a brick shelter ( our favourite hang out) at one time a wall had been knocked out and rebuilt with the same bricks making the graffiti interesting and unique! The Shelter is no longer there and a cafe has been built serving coffee and cake.

Some artwork has been introduced though.

The train refers to the time when the railway used to run through the park over 50 years ago, the blocked entrances to the tunnels can still be seen, the sledges refer to the fact that the land slopes down towards the roads and makes an excellent toboggan run.

football matches generally take place at the top of the hill.

that's all for now, speak soon, xx

Monday, 14 March 2016

Post 1000 I think !

This is either post 1000 or 1001 as blogger is giving me both figures at the moment. I must admit that when I started this blog back in June 2007 I never thought that I would still be here in 2016.

Today, I went for a walk down memory lane. When I was young we lived near a park, we would spend a lot of time there as kids and teenagers. This morning I went back to see what had changed and I realise that this is often a dangerous thing to do!

There is now a tropical house, built 1995 so well after my time but I have visited there before and I was sad to see that the fish pond had been emptied for repairs.

the entrance was being guarded by a rather soft looking lion

When I was younger I never paid much attention to the formal gardens however I have decided that I need to go back in the summer to see them planted out.

For several minutes I was entertained by a small furry friend

Sorry, I have to dash so more park pics tomorrow xx

Sunday, 13 March 2016

it's back :-)

The nice man from the computer shop called again and returned the computer, clean, now with windows 10 loaded and some useful office software. Excellent customer service from this small business.

But the day went downhill as a test ride on the BMW threw up problems which meant that hubby wasn't going to get away for the weekend. After messing around with it, cussing it and eventually shutting it in the garage we jumped in the car and headed for the coast.

The nearest coast from here is 80 odd miles so we didn't get there until 4pm and it was starting to get cold ( remember this is winter , 5c is normal) so we had a walk to the pier.

some brave souls walked the beach

We had a laugh at the funfair signage, you can buy a wristband to go on the rides in the evening for just £10 after 5pm.....what time did the funfair close yesterday?   5pm !!

The mist started to come back down again

so we headed off to play the slots before having something to eat

 and I won another little camper van for my collection :-)

Saturday, 12 March 2016

keeping busy


I've been trying to keep busy but the thing taking up most of my time has been trying to get my hubby's computer repaired. He caught a virus and it blocked the screen with adverts whenever he went into an Internet site.
The nice man came from the shop, took it away together with an old machine that we wanted the data transferring from. He brought it back, all cleaned and loaded with the old data. We had a pleasant night watching old holiday videos etc.
Hubby went onto the Internet............... and the adverts blocked the screen.

The nice man came from the shop, took it back, phoned us at the end of the next day to say it was fixed, he had been using it without problem. He brought it back.
Hubby went onto the Internet............... and the adverts blocked the screen.

I spoke to the nice man, he came back the next day and we both looked at the machine. it appears that the adverts hit some sites and not others. Fortunately that proved that we weren't going mad!!

The computer is now back at the shop, having the hard drive wiped !!

I have managed some bits between this and reading my books, a bit more work on the lace.

some more plying of old singles

and a bit of colouring for a colour-a-long on facebook.

The sun is shinning at the moment ( 8.45am) so if it stays fine I will go out for a walk later, maybe take my camera and see what I can find!

Have a great weekend x