Monday, 14 November 2016

a little knitting

so this is what the ryland and lleyn look like once I started knitting :-)

this one is a bit more random with the patterns :-)

Sunday, 6 November 2016

a fibre post :-)


I'm not missing in action, just a little busy and stressed with real life.

On the spinning front, I have been working through the bags of oddments, small skeins of different breeds, perfect for hat knitting.

( as usual I still need to block this one and unusually it doesn't have a home yet, I may even keep it for myself!! )

Mainly white fleece at the moment but I have started on a bag of coloured Ryland, mainly dark grey with lighter patches. Although on the wheel tonight is some Jacob lamb.

the Ryland is being sorted and processed ready for the evenings next week

quite a range of greys!

Pete, aka wikkidknitter popped round last weekend to show me nis latest fleece purchases, all really nice and squishy and I sort of gained 1/2 a mule fleece at the same time. Of course this is now hidden away especially since I had a 3 kilo box of fleece delivered in the week!!

I'm thinking of getting the dye pot out at the weekend and dyeing some of the fleece before I prep it. I've not done this for years so I'm not really sure how good my dyes are at the moment. The only way to find out is to try it (then try to wash the dye out I suppose).

I've cast on the Dorset poll lamb yarn for the inside of the next hat and I'm looking for a pattern for a smaller hat to knit as well.

It has been pointed out to me that I probably have enough spun to knit a sweater or two. I've never knitted anything other that hats, mitts and shawls. Maybe one day but it seems to be the spinning process that I really enjoy at the moment.

so, Octobers spinning total, smallish skeins, Grey Ryland, light grey Norfolk Suffolk, 2 lleyn, 2 Portland, I texel and the green is small mule that I dyed several years ago but never got round to processing. In fact a lot of these were bags left over from when we used to do a lot of spinning demos.

have a great weekend x