Saturday, 28 December 2019

looking forward...2020, a year of change


I know this is usually a New Year Eve kind of post but its 4.50 am and I'm wide awake so its a wee bit early :-)

 I've been thinking about next year for a while now as it means that a landmark birthday is pending and with it the chance of changing the amount of crafting time I have.

I've even made a list of how I'd like to spend the extra time ( In an ideal world ! )

1,  Blog more, This would give me a record of my progress since I started this blog back in 2007.


Wednesday, 27 June 2007

testing, testing

First attempt at posting only to find that I cannot load photos or maybe it is just that having dial up still makes it take forever.

No comments


2, try and design more knitted hats, I love knitting hats but I'm pretty bad a recording the details of them and once they are sold I simply end up with a bad photo of them.

3, carrying on the photo theme, I have had my lovely small Canon a year now and I'm just finding out what it really does so I want to get back into the photography habit.

4, Get to grips with both my e-spinner and my kromski loom that has yet to come out of the bag.

5, conquer my fear? of knitting mitts For some reason I only ever manage to knit one! definite second mitt syndrome.

6, spin down the stash before it takes over the house.

6 Make some lace


And travel more :-)

so, will this happen? shorter working hours, a little self care and hopefully a few changes in the pipeline should help make 2020 the gateway to a better, hopefully healthier life.

and the blogging ?, hopefully a little more frequent than it has been.

Wishing everyone a peaceful New Year.