Saturday, 30 October 2010

fibre update

Ok, Bikers, you may want to skip this post as its about the wrong type of spinning wheels!

So here we have a quick update on the fluffy bits that I've been playing with for the last month or so.

Firstly, I managed to pack a little knitting amongst the holiday luggage although its had to go on the back burner for a while as other project have overtaken it but is a nice mix of silk and merino and was knitted in various place including hotel balconies and mountain cable car stations. More of that later.

spinning 098

The September guild meeting centered around dyeing using natural and acid dyes which proved to be very interesting and as a result fellow spinnotts member Pete and myself ended up going straight to Nottingham Contemporary afterwards to grab a coffee and do some spinning as very little got done between the chat at the meeting. It also appears that the staff there like to have us set up camp with the wheels and knittng etc and we are affectionally known as the yogurt weavers!!

spinning 079

We also attend Ashfield guild hospitality day and enjoyed the opportunity to meet other spinners and partake of a wonderful buffet including the squishy chocolate cake that somehow survived the bus journey back to Nottingham.

spinning 071

spinning 067

The shop has had some new stock in and we also had a stall at Nottingham newest WI fair where two fellow ravellers learnt to use drop spindles.

knit nottingham

I'm busy knitting a shawlette and writing out the pattern, the original was knitted in Riot wool in a masculine grey, red combination No photo yet, sorry! So my version is hand spun Shetland/merino for a different look.

spinning 096

Friends are also busy writing and knitting for Knit Nottingham forthcoming pattern release at the beginning of November.

shop and birthday 055

shop and birthday 060

that about it folks, next post will be back out and about on the bike in Germany/Austria.

Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend:-)

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sorry it's been so long

I bet you all think that I've abandoned you! Well, you don't get rid of me that easy!

Life has been a little hectic since we got back from Germany but here are a few photos from the beginning of our holiday.

We travelled down to Dover and stayed overnight with the intention of catching the early ferry which me missed due to a combination of chatting to a fellow biker for too long at the hotel and the person on front of us in the ferry queue messing about with his bike. Result was that he caught the ferry and we had to wait for the next one.

2010 holiday 001

We took things steady on the first day, not our usual must get there mode and stopped overnight in France.

2010 holiday 002

The Sunday saw us heading for Fussen on the German/Austrian border where we have stayed in the past.

2010 holiday 014

2010 holiday 013

2010 holiday 027

More holiday photos to come once I've sorted them out and Bikerted will be posting about the holiday in detail on his travel blog soon, The next post will be back to my usual mix of spinning, knitting etc, honest!!

Have a great weekend :-)