Friday, 5 August 2022

touch of punk and a temporary change in direction.


Last weekend saw us out and about again in the van, this time heading towards Shrewsbury for Shrewkfest. This is an ukulele festival held on a farm with the stage in a cowshed ( a very clean cowshed )

This was the last event that we had planned to go to in 2020 that we actually retained the tickets for, others were either cancelled for good or we requested our money back.

We set up camp, flew the flag ad reconnected with friends not seen for some years.

Admittedly we spent a ridiculous amount of time sleeping, didn't get to see many bands ( we had seen some before) but at 10pm on Saturday we made our way down to the stage for 2 hours of punk music from Not Quite Dead Yet. Excellent set as usual :-)

We enjoy these small festivals, local bands and not too expensive.

Knitting update

I have noticed that I'm getting some pain in my right wrist and I'm not sure if I've pulled or strained something or whether previous injury is making itself known.  I've made the decision not to knit for a couple of weeks and see what happens, I've finished the last of the latest batch of hats but will not process any more fibre as the wool combs may cause problems as well.

My main aim is to be fit for the next holiday !! and I can't imagine not having knitting with me.

To keep me busy, I have started a stitch project that I've been itching to do for a while. Some time last year I bought an old rolling pin from a charity shop, the kind where you hold the handle and it rolls freely., for the princely sum of £1.99. 

My idea is to do an ongoing band sampler and keep it wrapped round the centre. I want to include more than cross stitch and use a couple of bags of threads that I've had handing around for maybe 25 years, and the cross stitch fabrics picked up from charity shops together with some linen and cotton in my stash. Hopefully it will become a stitched scrapbook or similar.

I'm starting with some 32? count fabric and a band from a magazine that I have on a cd.

Hopefully this will let me continue to be creative but not put too much pressure on the wrist and maybe  try out some of the small cross stitch patterns that I have stashed away. The plan is to keep the same width, sew fabrics together into a log roll and make a lace edging. Sharon from Pintangle has made one of these sampling different stitches and I have seen Dutch? sample rolls that include different technique and roll up so I admit that this is by no means a unique idea but I like the idea of wrapping it round the rolling pin so it looks like a scroll.

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Araignee said...

I am sorry to hear about your wrist. The hats are amazing. You really sailed through them all so I can see there could be some wear and tear. I get that from spinning. The TdF really did my hands in. It's a sure sign that my technique needs tweeking.