Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Minehead revisited

 We have visited Minehead a couple of times before, once a few years ago on the bike as part of the Round Britain challenge and again three years ago when it snowed.

This time it was somewhat warmer this time, 29c in fact which is rather a lot more than their usual September average of 17c 

Once parked up we went in search of ice cream at the site reception and headed into town taking the  shadiest route possible,

First stop was the pinball arcade (of course) where we picked up a couple of free games that had been left on the machines and then had a challenge match which, to my surprise, I won !

This was followed up with a walk along the front and a tour of the charity shops,

Parked up in the shade was a nice classic, small motorcycle and we had seen another couple of similar aged vehicles riding around.

As usual we called in at the railway, trains weren't running due to work being carried out on the nearby level crossing but we found some shade on the platform.

One last thing about Minehead , they have padlocks !! I'm guessing that this is something to do with covid as we haven't seen them before. Some have names and dates, others a re blank but any lettering may have worn off in the gales.

Crafty update
Ist headband completed, the request was for rustic hand spun so I've used a dk/aran weight and I've just realised that this is a photo of the back and you can see the join. I knit in the round, aim for the part of the pattern with the fewest details and will embroider in any missing stitches at the join so the 'jog' in the pattern isn't so obvious.

I also finished bobbin no 2 of yarn.

Speak soon xx

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Araignee said...

What a fascinating place! The padlocks are very intriguing. On Saturday they are opening an exhibit on the National Mall where they have placed a small white flag for every Covid victim. They are not close to being finished and it is a staggering sight at over 650,000. You can come down with a marker and inscribe a flag to someone you lost or have a volunteer do it by applying online. My SIL lost both his grandparents to it so he'll be dedicating two flags to them.
The headband is lovely. Knitting in this heat is not much fun so you get lots of knitting brownie points for plowing on.