Monday, 21 August 2023

Spinning update and a day out in my home town.


I mentioned a few posts ago that Nottingham Castle has reopened and you can now purchase a ticket that is valid for the year. Another part of the castle complex is Brewhouse yard, a museum that is slowly being renovated and is now open to the public on weekends, school holidays and bank holidays.

You can see the roofs of the building from the castle as you look across Nottingham.

Inside has now been stripped back to represent a textile workers cottage with information about spinning, knitting and lace. The back of the cottage has been opened up so that you can enter the caves which would have been used as storage. There are caves under a lot of the city centre, people once lived and worked in them and many of the older buildings have caves systems under them. The building I used to work in had tunnels and rooms used for storage .

Not surprisingly, I had a conversation with the volunteers about the idea of live fibre events or hands on workshops so watch this space.

On the spinning front, some of the TDF yarn finally made it to the dye pot and I washed the bits and pieces of knitting from July and realised just how busy I had been. I've kept back some of the undyed yarn for future dyeing and knitting and started on the prep for the next big spinning session.

Thats about it for now, life is back to some sort of normal but I'm still hobbling more than usual haha.

Speak soon xx


Gillian said...

Very interesting Sue. I have one of those tickets and would love to see the workers cottages and caves. X

Araignee said...

What a fascinating place! Your dyed fiber is very pretty.