Friday, 3 December 2021

Its that time of year again

 I don't want to be all baa humbug but you will not see a great deal about Christmas festivities on this blog. we gave up celebrating it a few years ago mainly because of the over commercialisation, the debt people find themselves in afterwards ( I used to work in finance) and not being of the Christian faith. ( I was bought up in the church but left many years ago)

We will hopefully get away over the break, walk on the beach and fly the kites. In the past we have been on various campsites, getting out for a walk and spending time reading books.

In the meantime, the city centre has a Christmas Market, although smaller than usual but it brightens things up especially as it was cancelled last year. I was actually in town to meet friends for coffee and catch up on the gossip as I hadn't seen two of them for several years.

It also appears that one of our car parks has had a revamp recently,

and since Nottingham is know as the lace city, the wet weather was showing off the lace design in the concrete of the Contemporary Art Gallery.

Speaking of lace, the mini workshop on Saturday was great fun, both student showed an aptitude for it probably as they both came from a machine knitting / weaving based background. I must confess that I totally forgot to take any photos until the very end, so here is one of the lace pillow ( the other student had already left)

Since then I have been mainly stitching on the big red thing, knitted another hat  
(the celtic knotwork one ) which is now soaking with the previous two.

I've been flu jabbed, baked several batches of cakes and biscuits, spun up some black cheviot. packed up more boxes for the charity shops and this afternoon I will settle down to cast on some more mittens. My crafty space is the warmest room in the house and has become my comfy retreat now the colder days are here.

have a great weekend, speak soon xx

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Araignee said...

The mural and the concrete are just so pretty!
Your craft space seems so bright and cheerful. Working in front of that window must be wonderful.