Saturday, 15 January 2022

We were starting to miss the sea !

 We have just returned from a long weekend back on the East Yorkshire coast. This time we left the van at home and booked into the Premier Inn on the seafront at Bridlington as we needed to have the car ( and the room was cheap )

The weather was mixed, dull and wet on the way there, cold and clear later that night.

Later, well wrapped up , we had a walk down to the town, round the harbour and back before settling down in front of the TV for the night. TV in a hotel room is a treat for us as we don't have one at home but as usual I was surprised about how few watchable programmers were on so many different channels.

                                                               light projection on sea front

Sunday dawned, clear sky, minus temperatures so we decided on a quick trip up the coast to Scarborough.

Looking at the amount of sand on the road at Scarborough I suspect its ether been a bit stormy or very high tide recently.

The day slowly warmed up as we wandered round taking in the sights as either of us had been here for many years.

The beach was busy with day tripper and dog walkers, the amusement arcades noisy and it was too cold for ice creams. We decided to leave walking up to the castle for another day and we quite content ambling around, popping in and out of the shops.

This street amused us, not only for its history but also the different door knockers !

We had a couple of appointments to keep in Bridlington on Monday so we just had a lazy day after that, grabbed a coffee at the Spa cafe,  caught up with a bit of knitting and stitching and sleep.

Tueasday was dull, cold so before leaving the hotel for home we headed down to the Harbour cafe for breakfast.

there were four Cobles moored up in the harbour, We had seen one of them in sail last time we were here.

There is always something to catch the eye whilst walking around from tidal springs ...

to a big conection with wool......

and cats, is there a connection with cats? or just coincidence.

That's it for now, I'll be back very soon with a crafty update.

Speak soon x

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Araignee said...

What a charming little town! Your photographs are wonderful.

I hear you about the TV. The Mister has 900 channels on his cable TV and none of them except the commercial free old movie channel is worth watching and I have to pay an extra $10 a month for that. That's on top of an almost $300 monthly bill. I'd get rid of cable but The Mister insists on it so he can watch old Law and Order re-runs all day.