Sunday, 1 May 2022

April stash update


Time for a quick fibre update. I have been continuing to try and wash all my raw fleece and I am now down to just four bags ( one of which arrived yesterday )

I still have a lot to prep and spin but at least it is now in the house where I can see it.

April spinning looks like this, the two white skeins are due to hit the dye pot tomorrow and the light grey skein will probably be on the needles later this week.

April Knitting- not so much due to the amount of spinning !

There has been some sporadic stitching but not a lot of progress so will update this next month.

I have given in and purchased a couple of fleeces this month, one of which is ready to process, The other one arrived yesterday packed in a cotton bag inside the plastic one.

This is a 2'5 kilo, well skirted Jacob and when I tried to unroll it, it fell apart !

The plan is to wash this tomorrow, card into batts and pop in the van on our next trip together with the e-spinner, I have temporarily banned myself from using the treadle wheel due to it increasing the pain in my knee (last assessment said ligament damage )

My raw fleece stash list now looks a lot like this ( some fleece was found to be simply not suitable for spinning ) hopefully it will soon list only new purchases

Raw fleece (whole) 1 of each.

white highlander




unknown white {galway)

April purchase texel cross

April purchase jacob

Raw fleece small amounts ( at least 500gm)

black cheviot

unknown white x 4 3 2 1

brown/grey ryeland

light grey ryeland

mystery fleece ( possibly very sun bleached black cheviot )

white cheviot


I o s jacob

Plans for May are pretty much the same as ever, spin down the washed stash, knit and stitch, Maybe a bit of lacemaking along the way and I'd love to find time to get an inkle loom out for a bit but that may be me being optimistic.

Speak soon x


Araignee said...

Amazing! Your skeins are spectacular.

Gillian said...

Will there be time out for a coffee ?!!! It all looks lovely x

Guzzisue said...

always time out for coffee :-)